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Beauty is Internal

Beauty is internal. It's what one has on the inside; morals, ethics, integrity, empathy, confidence, personal sense of security.  Most people feel that way, even if they don't have the poetic ability to verbalize it.  As you get to know someone their true beauty (or lack thereof) reveals itself.  No boob job, makeup, tattoo, dress, beard, hair style or hat can hide that significance once it's revealed, one way or another.

It is also fluid, changing with each passing season, decision, mistake, growth, event and tragedy.  Internal beauty can fade, slowly distinguishing the energy of light that shines through one’s eyes, or it can grow stronger as one obtains the ability to express honesty, compassion and positivity more consistently.  There is no age restriction on this kind of growth, just limitations placed on us by our selves.  It’s our own power of imagination that lets us continue to grow and become ever more beautiful with age and the wisdom that that brings.

So be a good person and continue growing, you will literally be more beautiful for it.

-Jeff Jensen (Aug, 2014)

Nominated for a 2014 Blues Blast Music Award!

Just found out that I am nominated for a 2014 Blues Blast Music Award, (“Sean Costello Rising Star Award”).  I am very humbled by this and consider it a huge ‘WIN’ just to have been nominated.  Even though I am personally nominated for this award I consider this nomination a win for my entire team.  I couldn’t do this without them; most notably my band, Bill Ruffino and Robinson Bridgeforth, our publicist Frank Roszak, our booking agent Mario Brox, all the behind the scenes folks that help me stay on course, our friends, fans and families.

Success is a process not an event.  It is constantly over coming obstacles, dealing with rejection, rescheduling, persevering, failing and trying again and again.  Every single huge goal you achieve only puts the next goal higher, making it harder to hit.  This creates frustration and growth.  There is no glory in winning a battle with no challenge though.  Being in a constant state of ‘two steps forward, one step back’ is exactly where almost every self-made person finds themselves every morning.  True success comes from extreme hard work, simply not giving up and honestly believing in what you do so deeply that quitting is not an option.  This nomination is another indicator that we are on the right path.  The support you’ve given us over the years, especially this last year, has literally been priceless.  Our goal as a brand is to simply leave the world a better place than we found it, even if it’s just for the night, we try.  Thank you all for this nomination and thank you all for letting us do what we do.  This is only the beginning and we are excited to go on this adventure with all of you.

*** Big News ***

***BIG NEWS*** We are so excited to formally announce that Jeff Jensen Band has signed with Concept Entertainment as our exclusive EUROPEAN booking agency! It is an honor to be on the roster with such greats as James Cotton, Paul Oscher and many other amazing blues artists. As we speak we are already putting together European tours for late this year and early 2015. This is a huge deal for me personally and I'd like to thank Mario Brox for believing in us and helping us move to this phase in our career.

Uniqueness of Today

It's funny how time flies, minutes pass, and pages of our calendars drop with a predictably surprising consistency. Two more months left in this year and it seems that instead of savoring the present tense I spend my time and emotional energy planning the future. Just like 2013, 2014 looks like it's going to be a BIG year for us and I'm so excited about it. But I am reminded to also live in the now, appreciate the uniqueness that today has to offer and enjoy the journey itself. Finding the appropriate balance between today and tomorrow is often hard, at least for me. So I'm going to enjoy what's left of this day and spend some very rare quality time with some of my best friends and do something non-music related... Or, maybe we'll find ourselves on Beale jamming with buddies :-)

-Jeff Jensen


Florida in the Rain

I love being on the road, and I love playing to folks that appreciate what we do. Tonight we played the Wakulla Springs State Park in Florida and it was one of "those" nights. It started with a crazy storm (on an out door gig) that ended up turing in to a mini blues based Woodstock. It was GREAT! People dancing in the rain, clapping and yelling, it was too hot, too wet and absolutely perfect. It was one of those gigs that had all the ingredients of disastrous but ended up creating life long memories; this wasn't just another show, this was special. It was also amazing playing with Bill Ruffino again after a few months of him being back home in Los Angeles.

Tomorrow (Nov 2nd) we will be touring the State Park then playing Bradfordville Blues Club in Tallahassee (unless I get eaten by a gator), one of my favorite blues clubs in America. I can't wait.

-Jeff Jensen